About Me

I am the most honest and real person you will ever meet. I've lived in 35 years, a life that most have not lived in 80. I've had heartaches that have led me to my soulmate and husband. I've had career headaches that have led me to a dream job that I never even knew I wanted. I've loved and lost friends and family that have allowed me to appreciate to the core who I surround myself with. I've made mistakes and continue to make mistakes. I've lived alone and got to know who I am, my flaws and most importantly my truths. I find beauty and purpose in everything and yet still cynically trust very few.
If you are one of the rare few who manages to gain my trust, I will have your back forever.

There is no "almost" with me. I hustle until it's perfect. I give my best in all facets of life.

I am a daughter, a friend, a photographer, a writer and a wife. I'm Wendy Lewicki of Wendy Alana Photography and I cannot wait to meet you.


  1. I came across your blog through your husband's food blog and I have to say I LOVE both of your blogs! Your personalities really come through and I love your authenticity and talent. Thank you!

  2. I want you to know that I put your Uncle Jim Drysdale on my Pinterest in the category of Little Bits of Awesome because I was so touched by your post about this "man for the ages". Thank-you for the beautiful tribute to him.