Monday, December 16, 2013

Steph & Jamie {Moon Palace Cancun Mexico Wedding Photographer}

I received a text message with a photo of a beautiful diamond ring on the night of their engagement asking "Will I?" (be their wedding photographer). The answer to the question of course, was yes!

I had photographed Steph and Jamie's newborn photos of their precious Reilly and now it was time for everyone to witness their vows in beautiful Mexico.

We showed up to the airport knowing nobody but the bride and groom, and left with the memories of their wonderful people. Steph and Jamie's family and friends welcomed us into their group and we were honoured to document their wedding.

Mother Nature knew what she was doing this day. The sun shone brightly but was breezy enough to be comfortable. The rain abruptly started, as the last song of the evening faded. 

There were tears representing joy, loss, and the union of blended families. One thing is for sure: these two are very, very loved. 

I will save the spoken private words that took place for those who were there and for those who were not, let me just emphasize the importance of family in a child's life. Because that child grows up, becomes an adult and is forever changed by their loved ones. Family, no matter blended or blood, is everything. They are everything we were, are and one day will become.

At one point, the groom's father turned to me beaming and said: I'm just soaking up this moment as a proud father. 

And so he did.

Here are some of my favourite moments from our last wedding of 2013. On a personal note, we so greatly appreciated the down time that this resort had to offer. Golf, massages, swimming with the dolphins and exquisite food as well as a view of the ocean. There were a few nights where I just sat on my balcony and soaked it all in that indeed, this was my job. And I have never for once taken it for granted at how very, very blessed I am.

We wish Steph and Jamie and their growing family nothing but health and happiness in their lives!



p.s. Here is a little video I put together....I managed to document both stills and motion for this beautiful day.

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  1. These are absolutely beautiful! I am getting married at the Moon Palace in October and this really gets me excited! :) I wish I could get in contact with you or this beautiful bride to ask more questions about their experience and how to hire an outside photographer!