Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Alison & Frank {Atlantis Toronto Wedding Photographer}

Alison and Frank are quietly adorable. We brought them out of their shell during our summer engagement session and have been looking forward to their wedding this past Saturday at Atlantis in Toronto.

I had done a lot of research leading up to this day in anticipation for the mixed lighting conditions. We knew the ceremony would be well past sunset and the floor to ceiling windows chanced some nasty reflections if we didn't do things properly. Like all weddings, all you can do is overplan and then go with the flow. You never quite know how things will turn out.

It was a crisp but lovely fall (almost winter) day so we were lucky. There was no rain and it was nicely overcast. We knew we had to be in various areas of the city, from the Danforth, to Woodbridge to downtown Ontario Place area. We didn't anticipate the many detours in the downtown core which had us sitting panicked at a standstill on Lakeshore and our first destination not yet arrived. We are never late. It's our absolute pet peeve. And we still made it everywhere on time with ample room for photos in the timeline. But it was a close one. I also didn't anticipate being as sick as I was. I silently prayed I would make it through the day, and made a call for a backup shooter just in case. Thankfully, I didn't need plan B.

Fortunato, the groom's father who is lovingly nicknamed "Lucky" welcomed Michael into his home. He photographed the groomsmen while I worked with Alison and the girls. The two limos arrived almost side by side into the Atlantis parking lot. With another wedding on the way, limited time, space and light to work with, Michael photographed the groom and his guys while I was with the bride and her gals. The candles were lit in the ceremony room. Frank stood at the front of the room, looking every part the groom; a mixture of nerves and excitement.

Alison's dad Peter walked her down the aisle while all the guests looked on. The ceremony was short but meaningful. The reception hall looked absolutely gorgeous with the backdrop of the city playing second fiddle to the beauty of the guests of honour. It was a lovely evening. Alison's mom Kim danced with her new son and oddly had suggested a song; not knowing that this was a favourite song of Frank's mom who had sadly passed away. Oh what a wonderful world it truly is.

We are thankful to have been chosen to document this day and we wish Alison and Frank nothing but love and happiness. We hope they are enjoying their relaxing honeymoon in Hawaii.

Please enjoy the sneak peeks. This is how we saw their day unfold.

With love and light,




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