Saturday, April 20, 2013

Faith in humanity

We sat glued to the tv for almost 18 hours yesterday. At 3 in the morning, we got word of the chaos that was ensuing on the streets of our neighbouring country. And watched the final minutes as the son of a bitch got cornered and captured.

I will never forget where I was and what I was doing during 9/11. The sheer terror of the unknown and what was to ensue next.

I literally remember the other night before bed's sure been awhile since we've heard of terrorist events, and low and behold the next day we hear about the Boston marathon bombings.

The live coverage showed a city paralyzed with fear. Empty streets with the exception of the armed forces and media coverage. I wondered what the spouses and families were feeling as they saw their loved ones on TV, reporting live with what would later make unbelievable and historical footage....I feel I too would be torn to "get back" and out of the way in case yet another bomb went off and also trying to document the unbelievable moments that took place.

The gory and gruesome photos that have surfaced are heartwrenching, but it is the photos that document the humanism, the acts of kindness that really restore my faith in humanity. Human beings running towards the chaos trying to help. The strangers. The physicians. The police.

These are our heroes.

May God have mercy on evil's soul and may the long road to recovery for the survivors be filled with God's grace and watchful eyes.

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