Sunday, January 13, 2013


There are moments in life that you hope for but can't really describe. Like, one time I remember being at a ski chalet with a group of my boyfriend's friends. I didn't know the girls very well but I am pretty good at fitting in and getting along with just about anybody. But it can be quite exhausting, especially if you aren't jiving naturally.

I remember an old friend telling me that her sister saw me on the slopes with a group of people. And that it didn't look like I really knew them very well. How very observant on her part. Was it that obvious?

Last night we got together with two sisters; one who first hired me ten years ago at my office job and we have since been reaquainted as friends. The other, her sister Kate who I have come to adore. You know the kind of people you can just be yourself with, have so many laughs and feel zero judgement, even after you wake up the next morning from a drunken stupor the night before.

It was so nice to not be the ones hosting. We arrived to appetizers paired with the proper drink and we chatted over a nicely prepared meal. Amy announced: We are going out!

In t-shirts and sans jackets, we stood on the front porch waiting for a cab in unheard January balmy double digit temperatures. Patios were open and convertibles were cruising by. It was a bit surreal.

We first headed to Barchef on Queen where we were promised any drink we wanted. Their bar was unreal and the ambiance perfect for an impromptu night out in Toronto. It was packed, dark and full of candles. My type of place. Living in a small town, I forget how alive the city makes you feel. Earlier we walked through Bloor West Village, had lunch and did some shopping. We bought some flowers from the local market, and picked up a steal of a deal for usually overpriced Betsy Johnson jewellery.

Our drinks arrived and through the Saturday murmer of the crowds, my ears perked up to a familiar song. Whyyyyyy do you build me up, buttercup baby just to let me down, and mess me around?

The four of us belted our hearts out. It was not karaoke night. Nor did anyone even look twice at us. I love that about big cities. Nothing is crazy. Nothing is new or hasn't been done before. Nobody gives a shit. I mean that in a good way. This time.

I distinctly remember being younger, with fairweather friends, and longingly gazing at other groups that seemed so close. And I wanted that. Genuine fun, laughter and having each other's best interests at heart. And even though it seemed nobody noticed our live performance last night, there could have been someone who was watching from the sidelines, like the time on the ski slopes, but this time wishing for the same thing that I once did. And now I have. Like the two girls in Anne of Green Gables. Or Thelma and Louise. Laverne and Shirley. You get the picture.

Michael worked with someone who is now part of a travelling band. We went to see them at La Palette at almost midnight and dinner was still being served. I love that about Toronto. When half the world is sleeping, the other half are just coming alive. I was confused as to where they would play at such a small venue. We watched on as they set up a piece of wood, obviously custom made over top of the kitchen area. Yes, the 12 piece band were standing on top of the kitchen. And the bar. And the tables. You make up a name to a song, and they invent it. Right there. Like a huge big jam session. The front windows were wide open and the street packed as everyone looked on....errrr...up. So much fun.

Two or three cab rides later, a lot of money spent and some really really great times, we ended back at Amy's gorgeous west end home and dancing around to the same song. Over and over again in our pj's. We awoke this morning to breakfast and were sent off with a gift bag of our favourite rum infused hand soap.

I am by nature a planner. And usually plans don't work out. Or I cancel. Or they cancel. Or someone isn't in the mood. Or weather is bad. Or whatever. But sometimes, in the middle of an ordinary January, magical memories are made, and you find yourself smack dab in the middle of a friendship that you always wished for but never thought you would find.

And I wonder what that observer at the ski slopes would report back with, had she saw us last night, or the memories we have made this past year with some very amazing friends. For the record, I am no longer acquainted with such a person who felt the need to point out my obvious awkward situation anyhow. Those kind of people don't matter.

What matters is, saying goodbye, waving madly, with a SEE YOU SOON!! And really meaning it.

I am not a perfect friend. Sometimes I'm grumpy. Sometimes I cancel. Sometimes I have an off day. But I will always be real, authentic and give you all the love in the world that I have to offer. To have a friend, you have to be a friend. It's that easy.

Happy Sunday, lovely people. May your lives be filled with the friends you deserve.



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  1. Loved this post Wendy! :) This is what friendship is all about. Thanks so much for making the trek to Toronto. I've had 'Build me up buttercup' on repeat in my head ever since. Looking forward to more good times!