Thursday, November 1, 2012

November musings of a blond-ified photog

What a whirlwind of a couple of months. It seems we've been here, there and everywhere with back to back shoots and wedding consultations which, on the flipside means a lot of paperwork and editing for me. No complaints from this girl right here. Just catching my breath and trying to hold on for the rest of the ride. Read: remaining two weddings of the season.

We are headed to the Pillar and Post this weekend for an intimate wedding for Jessica and Alex. We went to meet with them after shooting an Ajax wedding and they were grateful to book with us with just a couple of months notice. They were unhappy with their wedding photographer's work and unfortunately had to lose their deposit. This has happened three times this year and it makes me sad when people have to walk away from money spent, but it makes us work even harder (if that's possible) to  ensure they don't lose out on an investment. Twice.

It's been exactly one year today since I registered Wendy Alana Photography as an official business.
I stood up in front of a panel pitching my new business and was called young, amateurish and flaky. Six months would go by where these same people would ask me to join their Management team and train them on my processes.  I shot and second shot over 20 weddings this year, peppered with family, engagement, boudoir and commercial shoots in between. We've had the opportunity to meet some of the most amazing and kind people and be witness to their beautiful and sometimes tragic stories of love, life and love/life lost. We travelled to Mexico for our second destination wedding and just booked with a couple and 80 of their closest, for their Costa Rican wedding in April. We've been spoiled with gifts, beautiful locations and hosted by wonderfully gracious people at venues we would otherwise never be able to afford to stay at. I just had a bride email me and ask if we would consider shooting their wedding? She said: Will you? I said: Yes. (Fanfare....SHE SAID YES!)

There's been thousands of hours put into learning, training, practicing, creating, photographing, editing, administering and documenting. There's been hundreds of hours spent laughing, crying, rejoicing, screaming and most of all celebrating.

I am thankful every single day for what I get to do for a living, who I spend my time with and for the hard work that, in one year, is definitely paying off.

We are booked for almost as many weddings as I can handle for next year and I am so excited to see what 2013 holds. There are some future plans which include studio space, an updated video and partnering with local photographers as a referral system. I want to have a huge party for all our clients. I truly feel there are so many that would also become great friends. I am also partial to residing closer to the majority of my business which happens to be in Hamilton, Burlington and the GTA in general. Who knows where we will end up but at this very moment, I'm becoming more blond-ified at my salon, planning a night out with my girls and being thankful for being alive, healthy and most of all happy. A recent ultrasound at Emergency had me worried. A few visits to the hospital this year were a few visits less than last. Grateful. For so many things.

These are my musings on the anniversary of my second love; my job.

Thank you to all of our clients, clients turned friends, family and friends who have supported us through the great times and most importantly through the hard times when we needed their love the most. Life and it's karma. They say that what you put out in life definitely comes back to you.
I'm feeling at this very moment there couldn't be more truth. And in my mess of just a 1/4 of my office wall, I'm reminded by that every day.



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  1. congrats to you and Michael

    love elaine xo